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     Review Answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.

How soon after enrolling in continuing education classes may I begin viewing them?

IMMEDIATELY. One of the advantages of is immediate and 24-7 access. Once your purchase transaction has been completed you will be given instant access to your personalized student page with your classes ready to view at your convenience.


How soon after completing a continuing education class will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

IMMEDIATELY. One of the advantages of is immediate and 24-7 issuance of certificate of completion. This certificate is automatically e-mailed to you on course completion and may be printed and/or saved for your records.


How soon after completing a continuing education class will my Licensing Board receive notification?

IMMEDIATELY. One of the advantages of is immediate and 24-7 notification of class completion to the Licensing Boards which accept issuing of student credit electronically. However, be aware that the State generally does NOT list this credit on your State "License Profile" for up to 2 business days.


Am I going to have to Read, Read, Read, for Hours & Hours to receive my Continuing Education Credits?

NO. Our state-of-the-art system incorporates Collegiate Style Classes narrated by industry Professionals allowing our students to sit back and enjoy a full featured e-learning experience instead of simply reading course material online for hours & hours.


If I stop, pause, or time-out of a course, will I be forced to start all over again?

NO. Our User-Friendly system allows students to pause or exit a course module at any time and then automatically resume where they left off & not have to start all over from the beginning.


Are there any back-end or hidden fees for your courses?

NO. Our prices are All-Inclusive and we have no hidden fees for issuing of student credits electronically or certificate of completions, etc.


Will I have to Re-Purchase or Re-Do an entire course if I do not pass a Test?

NO. Our learning exercises offer immediate feedback and our students are never forced into re-purchasing classes due to unsatisfactory test performance.


What is the time limit for course completion?

We are continually updating course curriculum to accommodate accreditation requirements. Enrolled classes are maintained in each individual student profile for 180 days, (6 months) and must be completed by the student in this time period.


What is your refund policy?

If within thirty days of purchase a student is not totally satisfied with a class or class package and choses to not complete the class, we will gladly refund the students purchase price as long as a (Certificate of Completion) has not been issued and/or credit submitted to a licensing board on the students behalf.


If I selected Mail Check as my payment option, can I now pay with a credit card instead?

If you chose (Mail Check) as your payment option, your classes are on hold waiting payment even if you subsequently purchase classes with a credit card. In this situation simply call our office to override your original (Mail Check) option.


Am I required to pass a test to receive my continuing education credit?

NO. Not unless you're licensing board requires an exam. Most licensing boards do NOT require licensees to pass a test to receive credit for continuing education courses, either in an online format or for attending traditional sit-down classes.

However, typical online providers with basic "self study" programs, which link students to documents to read online do require an end-of-class exam in order to justify some level of proficiency has been achieved. This requirement is merely a result of an outdated poor-quality learning format.

If you're licensing board is one of the few which does in fact require you to pass an exam, it will be automatically added to your course as the last section. If for any reason you do not pass this exam, you are free to review the course material as many times as you like and re-take the exam at your convenience without any additional fees.


What Internet Browser and plug-ins are recommended for viewing your classes?

(1) Our website and classes have been optimized for the following browsers which may be downloaded from the associated links below.
      Apple (Safari): click here
      Mozilla (FireFox): click here
      Google (Chrome): click here
      Microsoft Internet Explorer (8, 9, 10): click here

(2) Our courses have been developed with Macromedia Flash and the (Flash Player) plug-in is required for viewing. If you would like to update to the
      newest version of (Flash Player): click here

(3) Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view some class references and attachments. If you would like to update to the newest version of Adobe
      Acrobat Reader plug-in: click here

Compatibility Page: click here

Will On-Line-Classes work on my IPad or IPhone?

Yes, if you are using a browser which is "Flash" compatible. On-line-Classes, like all advanced training providers, leverage "Flash" to provide an unequaled level of interaction for the learner. Because iPads and IPhones don't support the Adobe "Flash" Player in the basic Safari browser, many students simply install a "Flash" compatible browser such as "Puffin Web Browser". At the time of this post, “Puffin Web Browser” is free for trial, and only cost $3.99 to purchase. Since On-Line-Classes cannot guarantee the compatibility of “Puffin Web Browser” for all configurations, we recommend you first download the free trial version, “Puffin Web Browser Free”, from the iTunes store and then test this application with your device before making any other commitments or purchases.

         For Puffin webbrowser free: click here    For paid version of Puffin: click here